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Ben Simkin

Top Facebook marketer, over $1.45 billion in sales

“I’ve met Kean recently, and every dealing with him has been incredible. He’s a fantastic guy, and he’s helped me a lot to get the word out here in New York about what I’m doing.”

Survive & Thrive

An entrepreneurial bootcamp co-founded by Kean

“Hi, I’m Kevin Harrington, original shark from the hit TV show Shark Tank…” (see

Forbes Riley

TV Infomercial Queen, $2 billion in sales

“Every once in a while I bump into somebody extraordinary… his name is Kean and you know him from STAR Producer Academy.”

Saj Purkayastha

8-figure Affiliate Marketer/Speaker

“He shared his formula for high-impact videos, and we absolutely crushed it. We had a 6-figure weekend – a lot of it is down to Kean.”

Ikhram Merican

#1 AirBNB Superhost in Malaysia

Sheridan Genrich

Naturopathic Healer & Wellness Coach

“If you want someone to give you a step-by-step system, build you an expert brand and a highly profitable business, then reach out to Kean.”

Anastasia Lin

Miss World Canada 2016, Actress & Speaker

Hi, this is Anastasia Lin, Miss World Canada 2016. I just wanted to write up a few words for my dear friend Kean. Kean and I crossed paths a few years ago through our shared passion for human rights. He's done some pretty amazing work in film and TV, and he's an inspiration to literally millions of people around the world.... including myself.

On a personal level, he's a truly great friend. I've turned to him for advice on many things, and he's always there for me. And likewise, I've been there for him too – I even emceed at his wedding!

Now sure he can be very direct at times – and sometimes you do need someone to be straight up and honest with you. But importantly he's someone you can trust. Kean's also really generous with his time and a great connector. Just through a few introductions, he singlehandedly raised about a quarter of the funds for one of my recent campaigns. So if you get the opportunity to work with Kean in any capacity, don't hesitate. It'll be a lot of fun, and I have no doubt that he'll impact your life in more ways than one.


“…an inspiration to literally millions of people… including myself.”

Dr. Ellie Drake

Inspirational Speaker, Coach & Entrepreneur

“With consistency and time, with a passionate desire, a sense of enthusiasm, a sense of purpose, magic can happen. Miracles can happen.”

Dr. John Gray

Best-selling Author, Relationship Expert

“I had to first believe in my vision, and what I could do before the world went into agreement.”

Michael Gerber

Best-selling Author of “The E-myth”

“…I realized that I had to create something to enable people to awaken that spirit of entrepreneurship inside of them…”

Robert Kiyosaki

Best-selling Author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

On a Mission to Teach The World Financial Freedom
Oct. 30, 2005

He grew up with one "rich dad" and one "poor dad." Now his story inspires tens of millions around the world to escape the "rat race" and attain financial freedom.

"If you’re poor, you’re enslaved," said Robert Kiyosaki, author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and other books about personal finance and business in an interview on October 23 with The Epoch Times. Kiyosaki spoke to a cheering crowd of over ten thousand earlier that day at the Learning Annex’s Real Estate Wealth Expo in New York City.

While Kiyosaki is a successful investor and entrepreneur, he does not consider that his true success. His true success has been inspiring millions of others to follow his path.

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“The United States and England are actually Communist countries, too…”

Nicholas Janicki

Founder, (30+ franchises)

“If you have an opportunity to work with Kean, he’s an amazing guy and I fully recommend him.”

Richee Lim

Founder, EV Cables

“Through his advice and the powerful information he shared with me, I was able to create an online business that generated over a million dollars.”

Bob Yeager

Founder & Chief Trainer,

“If you’re looking for high-end video production, if you’re looking for mentoring in business, you do yourself a really big favor to go ahead and sign up with STAR Producer Academy.”

Stefanos Matrakoukas

High Performance Fitness Coach

“Within just a few weeks, I’ve been able to double my monthly income. Long term I know I will 10x my business working with him.”

Chris Record

8-figure Entrepreneur, Founder of

“If you believe in the vision of spreading entrepreneurship and financial literacy… we’d love your support to carry this mission out to the world.”

Justin Verrengia

7-figure Internet Entrepreneur

“I’ve always felt I’ve had something inside of me… just never knew what my greatness was.”

Amber Thorne

Health Coach & Consultant

“He will reveal to you key strategic insights that could transform your business.”

Soniko Waira

Spiritual Coach & Musician

“I highly recommend anyone looking to expand their vision and their business to reach out to Kean and his STAR Producer Academy.”

Kean Wong

Hosting the 2-day cook-off in Times Square

Transforming Times Square into the kitchen arena of Chang’an City, the ancient Tang dynasty capital of China…

Jiyoung Yun

Health Coach & Internet Marketer

“I could’ve made a huge financial mistake… he literally saved me tens of thousands of dollars.”

Vina Lee

Company Manager, Shen Yun Performing Arts

“5,000 years in the making…”

Bonus: What Is Love That Is True?

Kean & Xixi’s wedding video

“It is one’s search – and my search – for True Love.”

"Thanks to Kean's mentoring, in just under 2 years I founded a technology company that staffs over 35 people in Asia, Europe, and now in North America."

Tan LeYoung Australian of the Year, Co-Founder of

"STAR Producer Academy is incredible! If you get a chance to work with these guys and find out the systems and strategies they’re using, it can really help you hit your first 6 and 7 figures online!"

Saj P8 Figure Online Marketer & Founder of

"Everyone who hasn’t watched Kean’s film Free China, needs to watch it."

Joe PolishFounder of Genius Network

"Kean took my life story and helped spread my message of freedom to tens of millions of people through his award-winning film that became an Oscar Contender in 2014."

Jennifer ZengBest-Selling Author

"Through Kean’s coaching my Internet business has replaced my full time income on just 3–4 hours of work a day. Kean’s the man to help you discover your passion and live your dream lifestyle!"

Richard LimFounder of EV Cables & World's Top 10 Model Plane Site (

"This film will be a game changer."

Chris SmithU.S. Congressman, on "Free China"

"Bravo, Kean Wong... producer and host extraordinaire!"

Margaret Chew BarringerFounder & Chairman of American Insight & Free Speech Film Festival

"Intensely Compelling... Extraordinary"

Karen CurryFormer CNN New York Bureau Chief, on "Free China"

"Stirring ... Narrative Power!"

David DeWittNew York Times, on "Free China"