“How Much Should I Pay?” Viral Video

By September 7, 2016Videos


This video of mine went viral and has since generated over 7.7 million views! This wasn’t a one off event either. My top 10 videos have generated over 17 million views with 5 of them over the 1 million mark (and the other 5 were over 500,000). This isn’t to boast but simply say theres an art and science to generating videos that get shared.

So what was the optimal length of each video, and other characteristics that resulted in these videos going viral? I go over this case study and others on my “STAR Producer Global Pre-Launch” webinar. Discover the power of social media and a 5 step strategic system that can revolutionize your business and your life! Please register below.


Discover our 5-step S.T.A.R. P5   strategic system that...

•  Helped me reach 25+ million views online (raising $250k+ in cash for my last project)•  Generated 4, 5 & 6-figure coaching/consulting clients (with High-Impact Videos)•  Created my STAR brand that attracted top media (NY Times, Huffington Post, TEDx talk...)•  Got me presenting alongside the likes of Shark Tank’s Daymond John & Brendon Burchard
(at the $25k/year Genius Network!)

P.S. Build a STAR brand and have more time, more profits and ultimately... more Freedom!

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