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At STAR Producer Academy, our passion is helping mission-driven entrepreneurs create STAR Personal Brands online, so they can share their message with millions and build a lifestyle-friendly business.

Specifically, we deliver high-ticket clients via Facebook ads. We specialize in helping experts, coaches and speakers craft high-impact videos and automated marketing systems. The thing is, we guarantee results. And with our performance based ad campaigns, you don’t even have to pay us unless we get you results.

Our proprietary 5-step S.T.A.R. P5 system is the process we use when we work with visionaries, changemakers and cultural creatives who are here to transform the world. You be the STAR – let us help you Shine the Light!

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Kean Wong

Co-Founder & CEO of STAR Producer Academy

Kean Wong is a New York based award-winning film producer, TV host/speaker, and strategic coach to social media stars and visionary entrepreneurs. He’s also the co-founder of SurviveAndThriveToday.com a 3-day bootcamp for mission-driven entrepreneurs. Headlining the event in September include Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, billionaire Jesse Itzler (owner of the Atlanta Hawks) and Susie Carder of Motivating the Masses.

Kean’s recent film project, “Free China: The Courage to Believe” was an Oscar Contender for Best Documentary in 2014 and won 11 international film and music awards. It has been screened in 2,000+ venues around the world. Kean has been invited to speak and present his film at dozens of venues such as the U.S. Congress, Benjamin Franklin Hall, London School of Economics, European Parliament, and Google headquarters.

“Free China” has also been broadcast in 28+ languages around the world, circumventing China’s Internet Firewall via unencrypted satellite and technology developed by the Internet Freedom Consortium Group. Upon the groundbreaking success of the film, Kean was invited to business and marketing events such as Joe Polish’s $25k per year Genius Network – presenting alongside the likes of Brendon Burchard, Shark Tank’s Daymond John, and media mogul Arianna Huffington.

Kean and his film have been featured in the NY Times, LA Times, Huffington Post, NBC New York, CBS News, The New American, IndieWIRE, and most recently at a TEDx talk.

A Passion for Empowering Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs

An online star himself, Kean’s videos have generated over 25,000,000 views on YouTube alone. His passion is helping other mission-driven entrepreneurs become ‘STAR’ presenters and top producers in their industry, so they can share their message with millions while creating a lifestyle-friendly business.

Kean has an eclectic mix of actuarial finance training and a lifelong fascination with personal development from both Eastern and Western traditions. After graduating from college, Kean moved into the Fortune 100 strategy consulting arena, working with the largest companies in the world.

In 1999, he left the corporate rat race and partnered with the then ‘Young Australian of the Year’ Tan Le, helping incubate what would eventually form the core team of one of the world’s leading innovators in brain-computer interface technologies: Emotiv Systems.

A Defining Moment: The Call for Freedom

Kean’s personal mission took a dramatic turn in 2001 after meeting a slave labor camp survivor Jennifer Zeng who had just escaped to Australia from China. Kean helped her with her asylum application, as well as the publishing of her book ‘Witnessing History – One Woman’s Fight for Freedom.’ The book eventually became an international bestseller and the basis of Kean’s award-winning film “Free China”.

Following his calling, he moved in 2005 from Melbourne, Australia to New York City. There he set up Parigon Partners Int’l Inc. and consulted for various media companies, including New Tang Dynasty Television (NTD), a non-profit media group – pioneers in broadcasting uncensored programming into and out of China via satellite and the Internet.

Kean has produced and hosted a variety of shows, including “The New Millionaire”, and was the lead male anchor for NTD’s China News and Asia Brief from 2006 to 2010. He has interviewed in person the likes of Dr. John Gray, Robert Kiyosaki, Michael Gerber, Dr. Ellie Drake, and other best-selling authors and social entrepreneurs. A self-proclaimed “Freedom Fighting Foodie”, from 2010 onward he has been the main host of NTD’s International Chinese Culinary Competition and Taste Asia event held annually in Times Square.

An Inspired Path

Kean is the creator of the “Purpose, Passion & Freedom” Movement, where his goal is to help millions of inspired entrepreneur find their true calling. In his spare time he enjoys a good laugh (well anytime really lol), and loves playing Rachmaninoff, chess, ping pong and tennis, as well as potting the odd red or black ball. A fervent advocate of human rights, he’s been a meditator and qi gong practitioner for over 25 years, drawing from Buddhist and Taoist teachings dating back over thousands of years of Chinese civilization. He also considers himself very blessed – happily married to his soulmate Xixi who is an early childhood Montessori teacher. (Love you Honey!! <3)

Olli Törmä

Co-Founder & CTO of STAR Producer Academy

Olli began his tech escapades at the age of four in his native Finland with a classic Atari 2600 video game console. Soon after he migrated to a real Intel 8088 clone and was building computers and operating Bulletin Board Systems before most people had even heard of ‘dial-up’.

From Tech Wiz to Arts & Humanities… and Back

Following Mark Twain’s words “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education”, Olli decided to pursue a completely unrelated field in University, rather than go down the ‘Computer Science and Technology’ path that everyone expected of him.

After completing his Master’s Degree in Intercultural Studies, Cultural History and Comparative Religion, Olli was hired as the chief Information Designer to an international manufacturing company on the merits of his skillsets in graphic design, web development, print layout, photography, videography, search engine optimization, audio recording and technical translation.

The Internet Lifestyle & Human Rights Activism

In 2010, Olli co-founded his own company with a childhood friend and was living the comfortable life of a work-from-home IT specialist, taking his laptop wherever he went. Always a freedom fighter at heart, he also volunteered as a human rights activist in his spare time; this is how he met Kean in 2013.

Olli had produced a Finnish version of Kean’s documentary film “Free China” and was organizing a screening in Helsinki for VIPs. Kean and Jennifer (the main subject of the film) were travelling in Europe at the time and accepted Olli’s invitation to fly over to Finland for the screening. Olli and Kean became good friends, and two years later, Olli relocated to New York and co-founded Star Producer Academy.

With his generalist background, Olli is Star Producer Academy’s Chief Technical Officer, hacking and dissecting any technical obstacles, shooting and editing cool videos, diving into the deep end of Internet marketing tools and strategies, and creating the necessary infrastructure for running an online business.

A Passion for Mind-Bending Music

Aside from his professional career, Olli is also a skilled pianist with 30 years of experience. He has played classical, swing and evergreen music to audiences in city hall receptions, weddings, restaurants, nursing homes and other venues. Olli loves J.S. Bach, dixieland jazz, the Grateful Dead, and reading non-fiction and classical literature. He goes sailing with his dad every summer in the Finnish archipelago, plays badminton, and has ten years of experience as a second bass in a mixed choir performing major works, such as Rachmaninoff’s All-Night Vigil. Just like Kean, he also practices qigong and meditation on a regular basis.

"Thanks to Kean's mentoring, in just under 2 years I founded a technology company that staffs over 35 people in Asia, Europe, and now in North America."

Tan LeYoung Australian of the Year, Co-Founder of Emotiv.com

"STAR Producer Academy is incredible! If you get a chance to work with these guys and find out the systems and strategies they’re using, it can really help you hit your first 6 and 7 figures online!"

Saj P8 Figure Online Marketer & Founder of ProAdvertising.com

"Everyone who hasn’t watched Kean’s film Free China, needs to watch it."

Joe PolishFounder of Genius Network

"Kean took my life story and helped spread my message of freedom to tens of millions of people through his award-winning film that became an Oscar Contender in 2014."

Jennifer ZengBest-Selling Author

"Through Kean’s coaching my Internet business has replaced my full time income on just 3–4 hours of work a day. Kean’s the man to help you discover your passion and live your dream lifestyle!"

Richard LimFounder of EV Cables & World's Top 10 Model Plane Site (www.ModelFlight.com.au)

"This film will be a game changer."

Chris SmithU.S. Congressman, on "Free China"

"Bravo, Kean Wong... producer and host extraordinaire!"

Margaret Chew BarringerFounder & Chairman of American Insight & Free Speech Film Festival

"Intensely Compelling... Extraordinary"

Karen CurryFormer CNN New York Bureau Chief, on "Free China"

"Stirring ... Narrative Power!"

David DeWittNew York Times, on "Free China"